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Special  Sella Ronda Bike Day !    19.06. - 22.06.2015
3 Days half board  , special ladinisch mený , sauna, fitness , squash  Euro 162,- per person

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01.08. - 08.08.2015    Euro 420,- per person half board 7 days !


The Fassa Valley- fascinating Dolomites

These mountains have deeply contributed to mark the first steps for the world-wide alpinism and have given prosperity to this valley.

The Fassa Valley passed through many events during the centuries that have moulded the strong temperament of the local inhabitants. The principal features of those years were Sacrifice, Pains and Deprivations: the daily fight against a parsimonious nature, without sustenance and nourishment. During those years local painters and decorators took their poor tools on their shoulders and emigrated in search of work. Seasonally, they started a difficult journey through the Dolomitic Passes especially towards Austria, where their work was particularly appreciated for the decoration of churches, capitals and houses. Traces of those passages were found in the "Krimmler Tauernhaus", an alpine refuge on the way to Salzburg: inscriptions, drawings, messages telling about the sufferings of people compelled for necessity to leave their houses and valleys.

And yet, the same nature, so ungentle and rude in agricultural resources, was to become the real fortune for these valleys. Some scientists were the first people who discovered the Fassa Valley: those geologists, botanists were fascinated by the peculiarity offered by this valley and by its marvellous geomorphological forms and rock formations, as beautiful as scientifically interesting.
From the 19th century, a rapid succession of scientific journeys took place in the valley and after the first alpine explorations (principally German and English), this landscape begun to be known in all the world. In a few decades the Fassa Valley became an ambitious destination for climbers coming from all over the world and tourism grew together with the construction of better roads and connection through the valleys. From the first years of the following century, we could assist to the passage to an elitist tourism. In fact, just a few privileged people could afford a guided excursion through the paths of the Fassa Valley with the help of top-level alpine guides like Tita Piaz, "The Devil of the Dolomites".
In those years the basis for modern hospitality were actually founded with the construction of hotels, inns and alpine refuges.
Tourist economy becomes and important element in the period between the two World Wars and now keeps on developing and growing in all the territory. The long lasting tradition of hospitality offered by this valley is the best guarantee for efficient services and modern structures: the uniqueness of the landscape, the beauty of the mountains surrounding the Valley, its woods, its lakes and villages will assure unforgettable holidays in the untouched nature of the Fassa Valley.